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I am 65 years old and have been getting massages for over 40 years. Erika is gifted. Her energy is amazingly energizing, peaceful and very therapeutic. You know how some therapists have moves and don't vary from their usual, uniform moves - thereby moving right over problem areas? You don't have to tell Erika about problem areas - she finds them instinctively and then works them out. Most massage therapists are barely worth the money that you spend on a massage. Erika is definitely worth every penny spent with her. She is, without a doubt, the best massage therapist that I have ever been to. Trust me - if she wasn't - I wouldn't be writing this. She's the best massage you will ever have. At least she was to me. 

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My shoulder bothered me for 3 weeks...Erika brought me back to 85% in one session! Thanks!

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I have shoulder and mid back problems that instantly disappear after one session. Erika works around my sensitive spots ensuring I have a relaxing and therapeutic experience. I would definately go to Soul Space more often if I could! 

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Reccommend it highly!

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Erika is a great massage therapist! She did an amazing job fixing a long-term knot in my upper back!